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Hi, I’m Sally Ford.  I welcome you to My Life Beautiful.  My life is beautiful—it is now--it hasn’t always been. Well, it’s not been that bad, it could have just been a lot better early on with a coach.


In my early twenties, I like a lot of people “fell” into a job and a field that I then made a career.  I changed positions in Fortune 500 companies about every five years—it was like chewing a piece of gum—when the flavor (challenge) was gone I was gone.  It took a long time but eventually I realized that there was an entrepreneur inside of me screaming to get out. Discovering this would have been soooooo much easier with the help and guidance of a personal coach


Before becoming a Personal Life Coach, I did finally become an entrepreneur.  I founded and operated a management consulting firm, HR Managers, Inc. for 15 years. HR Managers functioned as an outsourced HR Department for small businesses. Prior to creating my firm, I held executive level human resources positions in three major corporations and then became Associate Director of a management consulting firm.  I taught college level courses in human resources management at Park University and was a regular columnist for the Kansas City Business Journal, Small Business Strategies section for three years.


I am a Past President of the Kansas City, MO chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners and a past board member of The Central Exchange and the Platte County Women’s Exchange.


I earned an M.B.A. and a B.S.B.A. from Rockhurst University and am a graduate of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Program at Avila College and the Kauffman Fast Trac II Program.


Since 2001, I have been coaching women entrepreneurs and small business owners and other professionals in achieving their dreams and creating a beautiful life.


In addition to my M.B.A. I have an M.L.E., which is what I call a Master’s in Life Experience. This degree serves me very well in serving others.  I can see many potholes and pitfalls before others are aware of them and provide guidance around them.  I am a very present listener, an in-depth questioner, and offer a wealth of resources for accomplishing most any goal. I was trained by Thomas Leonard of Coachville. I am a member of the Heartland Coaches Association, a chapter of the International Federation of Coaches.  For my own growth and development, I have a coach and I am a member of a MasterMind Group.


For detailed information, check out the rest of this website. You may contact me at: sallyford@mylifebeautiful.com.


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