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Sally Ford My Life Beautiful Guide Book

"My Life Beautiful: Create The Life of Your Dreams, One Step At A Time". It is based on the premise that we are all created for laughter, joy and love and to receive all that we so richly deserve. And we were created to give to life all the wonderful, magnificent gifts that only we can offer. You will learn how to determine what you want, align your thoughts with your wants, and visualize your dreams and take action.


Your Personal Power
Alphabet Soup

Coming February, 2014


A Look Inside…

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Table of Contents

One   The Power of Passion

Two   The Power of Desire

Three The Power of Imagination
Four   The Power of Your Mind
Five   The Power of Belief
Six     The Power of Feelings
Seven The Power of Gratitude
Eight  The Power of Generosity
Nine   The Power of Self Discipline
Ten    The Power of Focus


Coming Summer, 2014


“Alphabet Soup, Building Blocks For Life, Book One: A, B, C.” is a compilation of teachings of today’s leading thought leaders and spiritual teachers regarding topics, such as, Abundance, Authentic Self, Awakening, Being, Belief, Character, Creation, and Consciousness to name a few.



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